Man cleaning table in home with cloth

Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting. There is a Difference… 

Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting seem to be something everyone assumes they know how to do properly. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. Oftentimes these terms get tossed around loosely, which can lead to confusion. Below is a simple clarification and a link to an article the goes into more detail. Understanding what these terms mean can actually help you understand how to best protect your home and work environments.

  1. Cleaning:
    Cleaning a surface simply removes visible debris, dirt and dust that harbor germs. However, proper cleaning can get rid of the majority of germs.
  2. Sanitizing:
    Sanitizing a surface is reducing the amount of and spread of germs, to safe levels. It isn’t meant to completely kill the pathogens.
  3. Disinfecting:
    Disinfecting a surface will actually “kill” the germs. Remember…“You can’t disinfect a dirty surface”, so make sure to clean it first.

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