While our products are effective in many different industries including agriculture, animals, and oil and gas applications, HypoCleanse is concentrating its efforts to provide cleaning and disinfecting fluids to replace the caustic chemicals that are currently being used in the cleaning and disinfecting of buildings and for personal use.

We offer all-natural, chemical free, Green Seal™ certified solutions to deodorize, clean and disinfect assisted living, nursing homes, residences, dental and doctor offices, gyms, schools, restaurants, hotels, transportation, childcare and offices. Our disinfecting fluid, Annihilyte®, can be used for all hard contact surfaces, from home, to outdoors, to everyday living. Annihilyte® is a hospital grade disinfectant that kills labeled pathogens including HIV, C-diff, MRSA, COVD-19, just to name a few.

Industrial Green