Multi-Cleanse Medical Grade 200 PPM Hypochlorous Acid – 5 Gallon


Multi-Cleanse 200 is ideal for cleaning and decontaminating surfaces carrying noroviruses and other enteric viruses in a 1-minute contact time. Chlorine-based sanitizers at a concentration of 50 to 100 PPM are effective against bacteria and viruses. HOCl specifically used for hand sanitizers is effective at 100- to 200- PPM strengths. Multi-Cleanse 200 is produced at 200 PPM strength and it also meets federal standards for use around food and on food contact surfaces.

  • 100X stronger than bleach
  • 200 PPM HOCl
  • Alcohol free
  • No PPE required
  • All naturally occurring ingredients
  • Environmentally responsible
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Tough of germs, gentle on humans

Other Sizes Available