Hypochlorous Acid

Nature’s Miracle Solution

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Cleaning and eliminating germs in our surroundings has never been more important. HypoCleanse’s powerful products remove the toughest grime and help maintain a healthy environment. These solutions are made with 100% organic ingredients. They contain no harsh chemicals, produce no harmful fumes, and are environmentally responsible.

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HypoCleanse uses advanced technology to produce Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), a naturally occurring chemical in our white blood cells which is released as needed to fight infection and promote healing. Outside the human body, Hypochlorous Acid is created by applying electrolysis to a mixture of salt and water.

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HypoCleanse’s HOCl products are superior infection prevention tools to clean any surface, object, room or building. Amazingly, HOCl is both harmless to our delicate cells and powerful enough to keep us safe from dangerous germs.

HypoCleanse: Pioneering new standards for cleaning and helping maintain healthy environments.

100X stronger than bleach

Formulated for repeated use

100% organic and environmentally responsible ingredients

No PPE required for use

Can be applied in occupied environments

Virtually unlimited uses

Powerful weapon against germs

Eliminates the need for nasty caustic chemicals

Our Family of Products

HypoCleanse Products

HypoCleanse offers a line of powerful, medical grade hypochlorous acid products that provide superior cleaning and infection fighting tools to keep your environment healthy for family, customers or employees. Products include Multi-Cleanse in two strengths for various applications, Kitchen-Cleanse for cleaning in the kitchen and around food, and Odor-Cleanse, a professional grade deodorizer that doesn’t just mask smells, it neutralizes them.


Dental and Medical Offices

Dental and medical offices must be kept germ-free. Our cleaners remove dirt and residue from hard surfaces and won’t discolor, fade or crack equipment. When used with a fogger machine, the hypochlorous acid mixture can go anywhere air goes, eliminating germs missed by hand wiping.

HypoCleanse safely cleans dentist offices


Germs lurk everywhere in our schools. Our powerful solutions can be used on any surface­–desks, floors, toys, even dirty hands. They are gentle on the skin, contain no harsh chemicals, and produce no harmful fumes so cleaning can be done around students and staff. Fogger machines are an excellent delivery system in these settings.

HypoCleanse - safe for schools and children

Senior Living

Powerful yet gentle, HypoCleanse solutions can be used even in occupied rooms and are effective at cleaning any surface and eliminating germs. Since they contain no harsh chemicals and produce no toxic fumes, they don’t cause respiratory issues in residents or staff.

Nurse helping elderly at a nursing home

Commercial Cleaning

HypoCleanse solutions are perfect for offices, hospitals, gyms, hotels, restaurants, and any other buildings where frequent and careful cleaning is required to eliminate germs and keep your employees and customers protected. Equally safe in workspaces or common areas, even around food.

Person Sanitizing & Cleaning


These solutions are perfect for every room in your house, from kitchens to bathrooms to musty-smelling closet. They produce no residue or harsh fumes. They are powerful and effective for the toughest cleaning challenge.

Woman and child safely cleaning