Resources & Safety Information

HypoCleanse’ Environmental Commitment Statement

HypoCleanse is in the business of creating a greener environment.  Our products, while containing no harsh chemicals, alcohol or harmful VOC’s, help eliminate germs and fight infections. They break down to saltwater over time, so they are not harmful to septic or city sewer systems. Our bottles are coded for recyclers.

From production to disposal, every drop has a lasting effect on our natural resources. Our products are made with 100% naturally occurring ingredients and are additive free, with no negative effects on our environment.

HOCl has no toxic material disposal requirements and, according to the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, is not considered to be hazardous waste, adding yet another advantageous element to HOCl use.

Fogging: Best Practice For Indoor Spaces

Using fogging machines to disperse HypoCleanse is a highly effective and efficient way to diffuse the hypochlorous acid in order to eliminate germs throughout your environment. Foggers are excellent delivery devices because the mists can go wherever the air goes, targeting germs missed by hand wiping. Foggers are now being used in medical and dental offices, offices, schools, gyms, senior living facilities, hotels, restaurants and many other public areas. HypoCleanse Multi-Cleanse 500 can be diluted before using in fogging machines: Use 1 part Multi-Cleanse to 1.5 parts water. HypoCleanse Multi-Cleanse 200 is ready-to –use in fogger machines. We also recommend flushing out your sprayer with tap water for just a few seconds at least once a week.

Diluting Guidelines

HypoCleanse products are extremely versatile. Certain applications require diluting the hypochlorous acid.

Fogging: Foggers are excellent delivery devices because the mists can go wherever the air goes, eliminating germs missed by hand wiping. Multi-Cleanse 500 should be diluted to 200 PPM when used in a fogging machine. (1 part Mulit-Cleanse 500 to 1.5 parts water) OR you can purchase Multi-Cleanse 200, which is ready-to-use in fogging machines.

Washing/Sanitizing Food: Hypochlorous acid has been approved by the FDA for use on meat, poultry, fish & seafood, fruits & vegetables and shell eggs. Simply spray food before cooking, there is no need to rinse. Recommended solution for food is 60 ppm.