About Us

HypoCleanse is on a mission to improve lives by creating a safer, healthier and greener planet.  Our world is facing unprecedented challenges and cleaning protocols and infection prevention have never been more important. We provide the tools to clean and sanitize our environments without compromising on health and safety, or environmental responsibility.

Identical to the Lotus flower in our logo, our solutions are pure and effective at overcoming tough obstacles. In fact, our products contain no caustic chemicals and are VOC and alcohol free. They are able to remove the toughest grime and eradicate the most resilient pathogens.  We provide a comprehensive approach to prevent and fight infections while providing a responsible and sustainable carbon footprint.

Our solutions reduce dependence on caustic cleaning chemicals, enabling all of us to enjoy a greener earth.  From production to disposal, every drop has a lasting effect on our natural resources.

Lotus flower

A Few Facts about Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)

It’s found in the white blood cells of every human on earth.
It’s made out of salt and water and eventually, over many months, reverts back to saltwater.
It is so gentle it can be used as a hand cleaner and even for wound care.
It is safe to use on almost any surface anywhere (home, business, school or hospital, etc.).
It can penetrate surfaces for a deep clean and effectively eliminates odor.