Multi-Cleanse 500 PPM

Multi-Cleanse 500 is a medical grade multi-purpose cleaner with unlimited uses. It is 100x stronger than bleach but contains no harsh chemicals or alcohol. At 500 PPM, this hypochlorous acid is the strongest and most effective for fighting germs. Gentle on skin, it’s good for regular use in cleaning high touch areas.

Multi-Cleanse 200 PPM

Multi-Cleanse 200 is hypochlorous acid that is manufactured at 200PPM as a ready-to-use cleanser for a wide variety of applications, including use in ULV foggers. This ultra-pure 200 PPM HOCl is a powerful cleaner and equally or more effective than other readily available products that contain high concentrations of toxic chemicals.   Multi-Cleanse 200 meets federal standards for use around food and on food contact surfaces.


Kitchen-Cleanse is a professional grade, multi-purpose cleaner that can be used in the kitchen and around food.  Perfect for cleaning food processing equipment, prep surfaces and dishes.  Because HOCl contains no harsh chemicals, it can be used to clean and deodorize the refrigerator and, when diluted to 60 PPM, to wash fruits and vegetables, and even meats and seafood before cooking.

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HypoCleanse Sprayer

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Kitchen-Cleanse Spray Bottle

Kitchen-Cleanse Professional Grade 200 PPM Hypochlorous Acid – 32 oz.

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Kitchen-Cleanse 1 Gallon Bottle

Kitchen-Cleanse Professional Grade 200 PPM Hypochlorous Acid – 1 Gallon

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Odor-Cleanse is a professional grade deodorizer made with 500ppm hypochlorous acid, so its 100 times stronger than bleach. It is powerful and more effective than traditional deodorizers that just mask the smell. Odor-Cleanse made without harsh chemicals and produces no harmful fumes. Its applications are endless: neutralize room odors, freshen pillows and bedding, deodorize trashcans and disposals, tame athletic shoe smells, etc, etc, etc.


Hand-Cleanse  is an alcohol free, moisturizing gel spray that cleans and moisturizes your hands in one step without drying skin. It contains no harsh or toxic chemicals and dries quickly, leaving behind no sticky residue on your hands. With a refreshing, light, clean fragrance, Hand-Cleanse is the ultimate solution to keep your hands clean.

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HypoCleanse Hand-Cleanse Liquid Spray Cleaner – 4 oz.

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HypoCleanse Hand-Cleanse Moisturizing Gel Spray – 2 oz.

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Sunburn-Relief is a professional grade sunburn cooler made with 200ppm hypochlorous acid. It is powerful and more effective than traditional sunburn relief products and also contains no chemicals or alcohol, so it is safe for your skin.

Sunburn Relief provides immediate relief for mild sunburns and is safe for repeated use.

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HypoCleanse Sunburn-Relief Soothing Spray Gel – 8 oz.

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