How It's Made

Simple Chemistry

The process that creates hypochlorous acid is called electrolysis, which is a form of electrochemistry. We start with the simple solution of water and organic salt and use electricity to produce powerful cleaners without using harmful chemicals.

HypoCleanbse Electrolysis Process images
Water droplets on leaves

Better Than Traditional Products

HypoCleanse solutions are generated at a pH range of 6.8-7.2. Most other cleaning products are either very high pH (basic) or very low pH (acidic). Because our products are produced at a neutral pH, purified and water-based, they pass freely into germ cells. Once inside, the FAC destroys the bacteria, virus or spore, eliminating the source of infection. That’s the superpower of HOCl!

Like everything natural, HOCl eventually reverts back into simple saltwater and doesn’t burden the environment we all live in. The same cannot be said about traditional products which can expose you to harmful chemicals, fumes and residues.