HypoCleanse medical grade products can be used in any setting. Here are a just a few examples of places where they are trying to replace the caustic chemicals currently being used commercially and by consumers.

HypoCleanse safely cleans dentist offices

Dental and Medical Offices

Patients are more concerned than ever about ensuring their dentists and doctors are vigilant in maintaining a clean and safe environment. In a dental or medical office, any cleaners used must be highly effective but without harsh chemical or harmful fumes. That’s where hypochlorous acid solutions come in. They remove dirt and residue that harbor germs that cause health issues. Many dental and medical professionals are now following a protocol where all surfaces are carefully wiped down between patients using HypoCleanse products. Our solutions can also be used in fogger machines to mist exam rooms either before or during a procedure.

HypoCleanse - safe for schools and children


With hundreds of students in and out daily, germs lurk in every school. And protecting those students, as well as teachers and staff, is a top priority. Our powerful solutions can be used on any surface–desks, floors, toys, computers, even dirty hands. HypoCleanse solutions are gentle on the skin, contain no harsh chemicals and produce no harmful fumes so they can be used even in occupied rooms during school hours. Fogger machines are an excellent delivery system in these settings.

Medical Cleaning

Professional Offices

HypoCleanse solutions are perfect for use in office spaces, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, veterinary and chiropractic offices. Frequent cleanings of public spaces have never been more important to keep employees and customers protected and healthy. Made with 100% naturally occurring ingredients without harsh chemicals, HypoCleanse products can be used in workspaces or common areas, even around food.


General Business Spaces

Daycares, gyms, hotels, restaurants, salons, theaters, retail stores, just to name a few, are focused on customer and employee safety like never before. These owners and managers have now been tasked with sourcing safe products they can use in their occupied spaces. HypoCleanse products are designed and produced to eliminate these deadly threats in the safest way possible.

Nurse helping elderly at a nursing home

Senior Living

Powerful yet gentle, HypoCleanse solutions are medical grade and can be used around residents with no PPE required. They are effective at thoroughly cleaning and eliminating germs from any surface. Since they contain no harsh chemicals, and produce no harmful fumes, they won’t cause or intensify respiratory issues in residents or staff. Hypochlorous acid is a powerful weapon against viruses and bacteria that could threaten the health of this vulnerable population.