The actual process that creates hypochlorous acid and Catholyte solutions is called electrolysis or a form of electrochemistry. Basically, we start with the simple brine solution and use electricity to create a powerful disinfectant and degreaser without using harmful chemicals.

The disinfectant is 500ppm FAC hypochlourous (HOCl) at 6.5-7 pH and the cleaner/degreaser is 10-12 pH.


Our solution is generated at a pH range of 6.5-7. Other products are either very high pH (basic) or very low pH (acidic). Because the product is very close to neutral pH, benign and water-based, the germ lets it in freely. After it’s inside, the FAC (Free Available Chlorine) destroys the bacteria, virus or spore – preventing resistance.

Like everything natural, hypochlorous acid and Catholyte revert back into simple salt water and don’t burden the environment that we all live in. The same cannot be said about traditional products.